"Andy was a fantastic teacher. He shared with us not only his detailed knowledge of Reiki but also his clear passion & love for it too. I couldn't have wished for a better teacher and would recommend attending one of Andy's courses to anyone who is interested in healing either themselves or others. Andy is honest and it is clear to see that he eats, sleeps and breathes Reiki. I can't wait to share what he has taught me with others. Thank you Andy"

Georgia, London

"I just wanted to thank you for the Reiki one and two courses. it was a truly spectacular two days. I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to equip myself with a way to nurture and I'm very excited by all prospects that may ensue!I feel empowered, and you were so generous with your knowledge!"

Fatiha, London

"Andy is super passionate and enthusiastic about Reiki and a very generous teacher. He offers his full support both during and after the course. He creates a safe space to ask all the questions that arise for you and to explore your own use of Reiki, and the manual is delightfully comprehensive."

Mera, London

"I am very thankful to Andy for his guidance and insight about the traditional Usui Reiki. Andy has attuned me to Reiki 1 & 2 degrees. He is an amazing and very knowledgeable reiki teacher & healer. His course material is very concise, practical and simple to understand. Reiki is a wonderful blessing. Since I was attuned, I have been practicing self healing daily and I have experienced its benefits. It has given balance to life. Everyone should experience Reiki. I would recommend to anyone to go through Andy for Reiki I, II & masters and also for healing."

Ravi, London

"Many, many thanks dear Andy for the wonderful Reiki weekend. Indeed I felt drawn into another world a more subtle world comparing to our physical reality. I acknowledge you for the pure intentions that you bring to your classes, information that you give out and honesty in who you are, with a hint of innocence and playfulness it is very refreshing to see that in a teacher (rather then the all knowing, stiff gurus out there)..."

Alina, London

"Andy is an excellent instructor and is wholly committed to his work as a teacher and healer. He is also patient and straightforward in his teaching. In addition to learning different types of healing, I was given an overview of the requirements for working as a Reiki practitioner. Thank you for a life changing weekend."

Lyndall, London

"This experience has been one of the greatest of my life. I'm so proud that I talk to everybody about it. The way I feel is, speechless. I'm much more confident, happy and finally I feel I can do something worthy in my life and for others...The Reiki course has been mindblowing. You have been extremely professional, passionate, devoted, caring and you boosted peoples confidence. I am a totally different person thanks to you guys."

Martina, London

"Reiki has given me an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and an ever increasing desire to expand my mind, raise my vibrational frequency and reach an awakened state. I meditate regularly and read constantly about anything from chakras to astral travel. The more Reiki I do, the more wonderful and enlightening experiences I have, which only serves to fuel my desire to further my spiritual development............ The material things in life have been replaced with healing others, raising awareness of Reiki and my own personal and spiritual development. As a person I am much more relaxed and happy, and I am far more forgiving and understanding of others. My general health is much improved; in fact I don't recall having a cold for 2 years!"

Heidi Woods, Essex

"My experience with Reiki was life changing. I was influenced to learn Reiki after losing my father and having a sister with terminal cancer.

After clearing away negative energies, built up from emotional trauma in my past, I feel a different, energised, happy person with the intention to help others feel the same as I do through practicing Reiki."

Anna Maria Arata, Surrey

"Reiki 1 has been the beginning of a journey that has surrounded me in a wonderful realm of love and light. The visions that I experienced with each attunement were mind blowing as I was welcomed into a new dimension of existence. You both made the journey very special for me. The Byosen scanning has truly been AMAZING. Now I can connect to this wonderful source of energy anytime and anywhere........

This course is a must for all. Much love and Reiki blessings to you both

Marika, Birmingham

"We both really enjoyed the course with you. We found your home a very tranquil and relaxing place, very much suited to teaching and practicing Reiki. We were at ease straight away, and your style of teaching allowed for plenty of discussion and questions. Having the small classes, means you can tailor each course exactly to the needs of each student.

I personally learnt a lot, and after doing the 2nd level, have noticed a marked increase in the effectiveness of the Reiki healing that I do, both on myself and on others. I have even tried the Distance Healing a couple of times now, and seem to have had some success.

With the stress I am experiencing at work right now, the relaxation and deep breathing techniques that you covered have been very helpful."

Joke and Chris Brady, New Zealand

"I have really enjoyed the course, it was enlightening to say the least. All the information was presented in a relaxed, informal and totally professional way. Dawn and Andy work very well together, they love what they do and this comes across in their teaching. They are also really lovely people and will do whatever they can to help you."

Donna, Halifax

"The course is well taught and thoroughly explained in detail. I thought Andy and Dawn were very professional in the way they taught and also they are very welcoming and lovely people who have helped me in the training and also as their guest. The course is very comprehensive and concise. They are very knowledgeable on the subject of Reiki and I would recommend that anyone thinking of training in Reiki should do so through Andy and Dawn. Thank you both for everything."

Darren, Halifax

"I found the course incredible, very professional. Andy and Dawn work together very well and they really know their stuff. Well presented, well researched and truthful. I would highly recommend to anyone who is in two minds about where to go for Reiki I, II and Masters, Andy and Dawn."

Julia, Surrey

"A well structured, thought provoking course, which answered all previous questions I had about Reiki and becoming a practitioner of it.

Both tutors were very inspirational, easy to understand and knowledgeable about the subject.

A very enjoyable day - I'm glad I came. Thank you."

Ruth, Essex

"Today has made me look inside me and show me how to help myself before I can go and help others. A very informative day and I am looking forward to my Reiki II to really start my journey."

Kim, Middlesex

"Very informal relaxed atmosphere, friendly teachers. Amazing and worthwhile - will be back shortly for Reiki II."

April, Essex

Dedicated To Excellence In Reiki