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Reiki Youtube Channel

We have created a youtbe channel for our Reiki videos. We will be posting Reiki videos shortly to our page at

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Myspirit Radio Show

Andy and Dawn appeared on the Wellbeing for Women show with Sara Turner on Myspirit Radio this month, talking about how Reiki can help cancer sufferers with their illness, the side effects of their medical treatments and their emotional and spiritual well-being.

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Reiki Level I & II Courses at Radisson Kenilworth Hotel

We are now running Reiki courses at Radisson Kenilworth Hotel in Central London to provide easy accessibility. The Reiki courses are held in a lovely and peaceful conference room and will be running monthly. The hotel share our philosophy of providing a holistic, friendly service.

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Enfield Primary Care Trust Complementary Therapy Day

On Thursday 6th October we were invited to attend a complementary therapy day for NHS staff by our local Primary Care Trust. We provided fifteen minute Reiki taster treatments to around twenty four NHS staff over the day, many of them nurses and some of them doctors. We had a wonderful day and every one we treated gave us very positive feedback about Reiki. We helped people with a range of problems including: stress, bad backs, torn ligaments, depression, low energy. We also had the opportunity to spread awareness about Reiki, the science behind this healing system and how Reiki can be used to help any condition.

Student Feedback

These are some of the comments and emails / letters we have received from our students about our Reiki courses.

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Voluntary Self-Regulation for Reiki

I am currently one of four Reiki CNHC PSB members representing Reiki and I am seconded to the Reiki Council so I am able to give updates and information regarding the process for Voluntary Self-Regulation for Reiki.

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The Vitality Show

Natural Health and Beauty Magazine kindly invited us to give Reiki taster treatments on their stand at The Vitality Show, The Grand Hall Olympia, Kensington on Friday 8th April, 2005. People came flocking to the stand to experience Reiki and we performed Reiki treatments on around 52 people during the day. Every single person we saw benefited from receiving a Reiki treatment.

Leaky Gut Syndrome

I am a sufferer of Leaky Gut Syndrome, a chronic debilitating condition that is little known by the majority of the public and much of the medical profession in the UK. The condition results in perforations in the gastrointestinal tract allowing undigested food, bacteria and other toxins to enter the bloodstream, causing a host of inflammatory and allergy type reactions all over the body.

You can see in press releases I have written an article for Natural Health and Beauty Magazine about the condition and have now set up a website in the UK as an information resource for others who suffer from this condition or for those who would simply like to know more about it. The website is now up and running at

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Psychic Readings

Dawn has developed her psychic abilities over the years of practicing Reiki to such a degree that she is now focusing primarily on helping people through her readings. This gift seems to have gotten stronger as Dawn's illness has become more debilitating. You can find out more at Dawn's website

Reiki Video

View Andy and Dawn's video blog below about Reiki. For the viewers benefit, Dawn asks her Reiki partner Andy, what Reiki is, how he came to learn Reiki, what the benefits of a Reiki course and Reiki treatments are and what potential Reiki students should be looking for in a Reiki teacher.

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